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Pipo DeClown


So okay, tomorrow is the last day of my given subscription (yes I repeat that often don't I?), thus, this will be my last entry in a long time.

I have managed to get homebrew running on my Nintendo Dual Screen Lite. It's freaking amazing! I can now use it as an MP3 player, run Linux on it (and throw it away the next second because I hate text-based OSes), play homebrew games (DSChess) and even run MSN (beup v0.02)! It really is amazing what touch screen, dual screen and WiFi can do together. I will definitely be programming for this platform. At least 1 piece of software and perhaps 1 little game.

The thing is, I'm now home and I find myself without the handheld. What happened? I got into such a big mess that I just left -somewhere- and went home. Forgot my DSL (DS Lite) there. But I'll get it back very soon. Or else I just have to buy a new one. Doh! X(

A sidenote: I failed this year, have to do it again next year. The problem is, at school, I don't show any motivation AT ALL. Can't blame them, nor me, it's just that my life has become so big that one year time couldn't fit all that stuff in. Guess I didn't fit my school in it enough to pass. But it's a good thing though. At least I'm sure that I won't fail again next year (or i'll kill myself) and it really woke me up and removed the idea of always being on top. I never failed a year at school and was always doing the highest class possible (Gymnasium in my case). But now I see that I don't HAVE to be perfect simply because I -CAN'T-.
Boy, what a relieve.

I hope this summer brings more hope to me. Wait, replace "summer" with "DS Lite".

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Umm.. before you kill yourself could you post a tutorial on how to set up the DS for homebrew? I can figure out setting up the toolchain stuff easily enough, but how are you getting the code onto the hardware? WifiMe? PassMe? Or did you flash your firmware?

How easy was it to do? What tools did you need / how much did it cost? From where did you get the necessary components? How long did they take to deliver? Do they appear to be of high quality?

I'd much rather do DS stuff than GBA stuff (because GBA is ooollddd and the DS is awwweeessoommee), but to be honest its a lot of stuff for me to cover (I'm sllloowww) because its, quite literally, direct interaction with the hardware. Which, for a high-level C++ coder like me is craazzahhh!!!

So yeah. I expect much tutorials, young grasshopper. mmmm.

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I'm going to get a G6 Lite and a Passcard 3 when I get my next paycheck.

Mushu, the G6 w/ the Passcard 3 costs about 80 - 100 dollars plus shipping, and comes with 512mb of memory (and also sits flush with the DSL, no sticking out!), with no need to flash the firmware. If you want to flash the firmware, find someone with a Passcard instead of wasting the 25 bucks plus shipping to use a passcard once to flash it and throw it away. However, it is much easier to just buy a passcard and use it.

In other notes, I've been working on a game for the DSL (Multiplayer RPG). If you want me to give you notes as I go along, I'd be more than happy to.

I'm also working on a PDF reader (based on the Bookr source for the PSP). Need to be able to read my freakin books on the go yo.

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Ahh, too bad. My GDNet+ subscription ends today! =(

I'm planning to learn libnds, now that I have everything set up. Perhaps I should start a blog.. somewhere. And yes, I flashed my DS for homebrew.
I ordered the required hardware from RealHotStuff.com [that includes the Superkey and Supercard miniSD] (but I bought my miniSD memory from the local computerstore). NOTE! You can get 5% off by using 'SCDEV06' as couponcode. For me it was a total of $79.90 dollars. Not a penny more.

A flashing guide can be found here. I think the guide is a little too copy pasted from the other page, as is the video (he uses other tools). I might post a guide on ow to do it since it's REALLY easy and safe. Did it within 10 minutes.

Anyway, I have to find a good blog website first. You can PM me questions anytime.

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