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Banner ads

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Well, I'm about at the point where I need to start advertising things, so I took out a few hours to make some playable banner ads. I made four little ads that I intend to put here and there when I get the opportunity (i.e. gamedev needs to reimburse me a few bucks that I haven't invoiced, so I'm hoping to swap that for ad-impressions).

Anyway, a couple of 'em are very obvious parodies of typical Flash banner ads. A couple of 'em are playable games that are a mite more challenging than the typical banner ad-game.

Lemme know what you think.

click here.
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Recommended Comments

Caek/Pi one isn't so good, the pet the puppy was funny [lol]

the guess the 3-digit number one is the best... its just complicated enough for me to bother with yet not complicated enough to actually require much thought.

The final one is clever, but I have to admit I got bored and gave up before solving it. Yes, I probably am lazy [smile]


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