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Girlfriend wrecked DS Lite

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My girlfriend just wrecked my DS Lite. In my last post I said I left it somewhere, well it was -with her-. Just now she threw it out of the window. Great. And I just flashed my DS two fucking days. I just can't believe it. Luckily I still have my homebrew tools (she had only my DSL and Mario Kart DS). Ugh.. Women.

edit after expiration - I started a weblog at WordPress.com. Visit it! (Click)
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wtf? That's a dumpable offense in my books [wink]. Okay, just kidding. You should definitely consider turning her into the Video Game Protection Services.

Edit: Btw, why?

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^^^ Yea, why?

I'm guessing you ignored her for the DSL and she thought that it was competition for your love and attention? :-P

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