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Digital Necromancy

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I'm working on resurrecting my gaming machine. (As you probably don't recall, the northbridge cooling fan crapped out a while ago, as those cheap fans are wont to do.) I've got the replacement Zalman (I always want to write "Zahlman"...) passive heatsink all set up and the motherboard is resting loosely in the case. I got about that far and was overwhelmed by a huge attack of laziness.

So sometime later tonight I'll try and summon the will to actually screw the motherboard back down, and then go through the agonizingly tedious process of looking at the Engrish instructions and trying to figure out the pinouts for all the little peripheral connectors and lights and widgetry stuff. From experience that usually takes about a billion years and requires a hefty quota of foul language. After that though it's just connecting up the drives and power and closing up the case, and I'll finally get to find out that I forgot to do some stupid little thing that requires me to totally disassemble the whole bloody thing again.

I'm doing a really good job of convincing myself not to mess with it any more tonight...
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Hey. My northbridge fan also failed in my gaming rig, I bought a Zalman passive heatsink for it, was crippled by laziness and haven't installed it yet either!

We're like lazy brothers.

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