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I spent a good chunk of the day sketching out some maps for Malathedra and adding details to the one I'm working on. Not the most exciting thing, but I'm learning a bunch (messing with heightmaps and such as well as map layout.)

I spent the last 1.5 hours implementing a drop down list into my GUI and it works[grin]. BUT, bad news[sad]; somewhere along the line I forgot to add sorting! So, I'm going to either have to add it now or make sure that none of my controls overlap until I add it (after my 4E5 entry is finished.) I'm going for the latter since I have no idea how to implement the sorting for a GUI system (I know how to sort, but I don't quite understand how to make things come forward and such. I'll have to figure it out when I have more time.)

Anyway, here is a nice little screenshot of my DDL in action (and yes, it uses the same system as a listbox, so you could use the image-text combo as items if you wanted to):



Item selected

I'm definitely need to add textures though, atleast for the buttons (the -, +, and \/ buttons anyway.)

Also, I'm definitely going to have to rewrite this entire thing when I'm done because I'm a total retard >_<. EVERY single piece of code is hacked together, but thoroughly tested lol.

Anyway, I just have a couple more controls to add and my first GUI library will be finished. Yay!

Edit: Ok, I modified the app so that I could release a demo. I really need some feedback as to whether or not it is working and such. You can download it here: GuiDemo.zip (1.56mb)
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