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Submarine 3

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Prinz Eugn


Well today I decided to work on that big 'ol submarine for Angels 22, and while I'm no done, I'm a bit farther than before. I also have some new ideas for other missions, too.

Submarine Stage 3

Today I decide to try something a little different with how I go about making big stuff. Normally once it was colored I'd start the painful process of anti-aliasing, but this time I tried to get the magic of Corel Photo-Paint to help out.

I basically made a copy of the outlines of the Sub then blended them in with the various blur-smear tools to try and soften the line-fill color border. Once I did that, I overlayed the copy of the outline on top to get back the thickness from before, also making it easier to manage.

I still had to some manual touch-ups with more needed -I'm not sure if I'm going to do this much more. Well, practice makes perfect, I guess. Here it is:


Yeah, yeah you want more artwork, but I'm also an idea-man, or as I like to say ,"Genius".

Well here at CMU, I've been exposed to a plethora of internet videos, not to mention a kick-ass connection speed. So I go on YouTube and explore around, ya know, looking at nuclear explosions, when I remember one of the coolest things ever:

>Guess where this one is going...

It's going to be a sort-of escort mission, but it should look incredible just to see fire. I wonder if we could rip the sound...

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I love the silence for the 5 seconds it takes the shell to get there, very cool.

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