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gmSDL and PacMan (2)

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Thanks to all who responded with interest in my tutorial idea. I have a question, would it be better as a) a journal tutorial b) a tutorial on my website or c) and article published by GDNet?

Note that it'll also be a sort of 'primer' for SDL as gmSDL is my very simple wrapper over SDL. PacMonkey features some fairly advanced features of GameMonkey, such as threading (co-routines), thread states and 'this' functions. Being a game it features basic 2d collision detection (I noticed a question about how to do this the other day) and a simple game mechanic (gamestates, scoring, etc).

I'll get right on it...
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I'd go with either on your website or a GDNet article. I've been a bit of a fan of "Feature length" journal entries, but they're a little less formal/complete than a full blown article.

Then again, I did that purposefully to just get some ideas "out there" and then possibly (time permitting) turn journal entries into a proper article. But thats a whole lot of work [lol]

Regarding SDL/gmSDL - cover what you have to, but to be honest I'm not interested in an introduction to, or much coverage of, SDL [wink]

I've seen some bits of SDL code over the years and I'm pretty sure I can make a relevant enough guess as to what it does without really caring how/why (etc..) Also, there are plenty of resources on SDL should I want to explore that avenue in more detail...


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