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Finally some fun news ^^

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Today I got approved to help the school with implementing a minor in gamedevelopment at school. Which is ofcourse quite a interesting subject to follow. And basically means I will have to work on the FPS engine I have been contemplating for a week now immediatly ;). Not only does this mean I will be working on school while doign the experimenting but it also means that I will be graded on it ;)

Today I finally finished school, and with that I have put all my coursebooks and other school garbage out of my room and into the closet and lets get started on some serious work :)

I will be updating this journal as I start learning DirectX and writing some random code for fun :)

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Well good luck to you. I always enjoy reading these things, they make me feel like I have a hope!


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I think there are probably a few of us who would really enjoy reading about your efforts learning DirectX :-). Good luck!

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