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Not Much....

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

I don't have much to show you guys today, because most of what I did today was boring stuff like converting weapons data from being hardcoded in to the class to being declared in a config file... fun stuff.

SAM Sites
This was the one cool thing I did all day. Mark drew up a snazzy SAM bunker and I coded up the SAM object (which is actually identical to the Light AAA class, just with a different name and weapons class). Anyways, after I solved an annoying crash bug, I put one of them in my test level, and I must say, they make things a bit more interesting[grin] Anyways, here's a screeny showing off the SAM, the damaged Light AAA texture, and the fact that health bars only show up after an object is hurt:

Another Crash Bug
I'm not going to go that in depth into this one, I'm just going to say that I spent about 2 hours looking at the damn weapons class to see why the hell it was crashing when the SAM shot a missile, when it turns out that the bug was in the Animation class the whole time! Yeah, I had created a new missile type for the SAM Site, but I had forgot to create an animation for it, so when it was spawned, it crashed upon rendering.... yeah, fun stuff.

Sapo Asks the Experts
Okay, in Angels 22 we want to have a waterline so that we can have beaches, ships, and whatnot. Problem is, I don't think just a blue quad will look good with the rest of the pretty terrain, so I'm coming to you guys: Does anyone have a suggestion to make good looking water for Angels 22? I'm thinking about trying a higher resolution heightmap, and moving vertices up and down to create waves and other irregularities, but I'm not sure how well that will look, so if anyone has any suggestions, speak up!

Peace Out!
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Head out to Google Images and search on "water." Pick a shot you like that you think will fit in your visual style, and have Mark pixel-art-ify it.

One thing that can really have a nice effect: simulate the reflection of the sun in the water.

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If its a side view then you wouldnt be seeing the reflection of the sun on the water...you might see concentrated light rays through the water, though.

But I say just make it blue water with maybe some white if it looks good to show the foam near the shore, but make sure to have the ground slowly decline where the water starts.

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Yeah, I think I'm going to go with a simple Quad, maybe with a texture and blending, check tonight for a screen.

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I agree about the sun reflection. If you remember the old kindergarten style of drawing waves, sort of like the upside down v crescent thingies, some variations on those might work. Don't have many ideas though. Good luck!

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If youv ever played any of the worms series, id recommend doing a simple kind of water like theirs. [smile]

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