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Two good things

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Two good things that I haven't mentioned before. . .

1. Axialis IconWorkshop. Honestly, it's really the only icon editor you'll ever need. It can edit and create pretty-much every icon format in existence, including the new enormous alpha-blended XP and OS X icons. The painting tools are top-notch, and it's ability to handle other bitmap formats makes it easy to grab bitmaps and convert 'em to icons. I can't recommend it highly enough.

2. The undocumented FLfile.runCommandLine() command in jsfl files. JSFL is short for "javascript for FLash", and it's basically a batch language that runs inside the Flash environment. It can pretty-much control the entire Flash environment, but it can also be used for making simple batch-files. One thing, though, is that it couldn't seem to make calls to non-Flash programs, like external Flash obfuscators. Turns out that there's an undocumented command, though, that'll do it.
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