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Making Headway in a Blaze of Glory

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Lookout, suckas. I'm motivated.

Couple of housekeeping notes:

- Superpig brought up a reasonably good point about the logistic interpolation, namely that it doesn't have a 0 gradient at the entry and exit points. There are some evil tricks that can be used to fix this, but I've forgotten them. When I get around to rederiving them (I'll need to for work anyways) I'll post up what I did. It actually isn't a problem for certain simple things, but if you try to use more than two control points you'll get "kinks" in the movement.

- I'm a tiny bit behind on work this week due to pissing around a lot with some mates of mine last night. It's very likely that we'll go piss around again tonight. This means I'll be doing work-work instead of stuff like TKC or Epoch, most likely. However, I'm looking at stealing a day or two from next week to dedicate to those projects.

- I'm not using a bulleted list here. That's how you can tell I'm serious. Actually, that's how you can tell I'm highly sleep-deprived, whacked out on artificial stimulants, and about to electrocute myself from all the drool on my keyb888uujjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
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