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Lan party and botched code

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~Lan party: I won by 16 points (you doubted me?) We played GoldenEye 007, Halo 2, CounterStrike: Source, Crimson Sea 2, and Moster Ranchers 3 (vs battles.) I was pretty much the only hardcore gamer there, so it was pretty easy. What was my prize? An XBox 360 wired controller. WOHOO!!! Now if I could only get an XBOX360! (Atleast I can still use the controller on my PC.)

~Botched code: Yea, when I was writing my code for the last few days, I didn't take into consideration device resets. So, there will be no in-game mode switching [bawling]. So, once I'm done with my 4E5 entry I'm going to totally rewrite the graphics, input, and GUI systems.

I'm off to work on Malathedra. I'm not going to bed until I finish this map; I've spent WAY too much time on it.
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