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Hrm! DevPaks

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Well, I've been trying to keep most of my code portable such that I can compile on VS 7 and DevCPP. However sometimes I come across packages like FreeImage that the only dev pack I can get is really outdated. Now compiling the source in Visual Studio is easy so the windows library works, however I can't get the correct output from using make. It's kind of driving me up the wall as a matter of fact. I eventually got PhysFS (1.1.0) working in a DevPak (I'll link it below) but I can't seem to get the output I want from FreeImage. I get a libfreeimage.a and an libfreeimage.dll.a but neither of these files link properly, even when directly referenced through a file path.

The header alone gave me quite a bit of trouble. I had little trouble with the 3.2.0 header because the windows redefines were commented out, but 3.9.0 had them in, you'd think the compiler would filter them out using _MSC_VER as a ndefine but it didn't. So now I'm stuck with a library compiled by the makefile that doesn't link at all.

Anyway, here is PhysFS 1.1.0 DevPak painfully compiled by yours truely. (I'll also add this to the header of my journal for reference.)

If anyone could help me with the FreeImage 3.9.0 DevPak I'd be really greatful.
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