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After a hiatus lasting quite a few months, I'm back :)... not that anyone would really notice. Just for the record though, I do keep regular tabs on most of the Journals here (Mushu, Sir Sapo & Mark, John Hattan, etc..), and all of you have inspired me greatly.

Hopefully with the work I plan to do in the near future I can get to my next level in development.

Just a bit of info on what's been happening lately....

I was working at a software engineering company here in Phoenix which was working on a game simulation used to train firefighters in high-rise incidents. The language of choice for this project was, unfortunately, VB6. As I was a contracter and only 18 years old at that, my requests and proposals for a switch to at LEAST C# went un-answered. I did however learn quite a bit about what NOT to do, and a bit more on how to do some unconventional things with VB6. That being said, I did learn a few things, like accessing Access for a DB and such things. I also worked on a national program for acupuncture in my time there (in C#), which taught me a few things and was a great learning experience. Unfortunately, no 3D was done at the time, though I did have a few meetings concerning flight simulator software for both commercial and military products, and that was REALLY interesting. I stopped working there due to several incidents that caused me to miss about 2 weeks of work, and they decided that they didn't really need my help that much. Stiff employers, eh? No big deal. I learned a lot.

After working there, I landed a job doing web development for an SEO company also based here in Phoenix. I started at 27.50 per HOUR (hell yes), full time (even more of a hell yes). I was making quite a bit for my first month and a half until something bad happened. The president of this company was friends with the president of the old company, and upon finding out that my old boss at previously mentioned company only paid me 12.00 USD per hour, they decided to drop me down to 14. Granted, it was my fault for making sure it wasn't in the papers I signed, and I learned a huge lesson from it. In two ways. After quitting due to the pay cut, the company was sued for bad business practices. The company lost the case. Glad I got out of there before that happened (though I had nothing to do with that aspect). At this job though, I learned quite a bit about web development and XML parsing, etc.. Fun stuff.

Where I'm at now...

Right now I'm working at GameCrazy as a shift leader, hoping to make Assistant Manager soon. I love the job, because I love games, and I'm actually a pretty decent salesman. I also work at a Dollar Tree doing stocking, 3 days out of the week, and in my spare time, I do contract work as a feelance programmer. 3 jobs is quite tasking, but I always somehow find time for my girlfriend (not so much my family though, which is bad I suppose), my games, and sleep (though not as much as the previous 2).

I currently hope to make a few games for the iPod Nano, and the Nintendo DS. I want a full design doc done for the DS game, as I hope for it to be a somewhat popular MORPG to be played by a few friends together (not massive). I plan on having a server that someone can run and then have up to 6 - 8 people connect to , in order to complete quests or battle or just chat. Should be a great learning experience.

As for my education, don't really have much to say on that. I almost joined the Air Force (got a 99 on my ASVAB), and couldn't pass the Urinalysis... Something about having someone watch me urinate REALLY bothered me and I couldn't do it. Long story short, they thought I was on drugs (which... is a big .... NO). So that fell through. I applied to Arizona State University then, for a major in Political Science and a minor in Economics, but have yet to get an answer from them. So I'm pretty much just working. I'm still very interested in computer science, so I'm going to keep doing that as a side job, until I can hopefully open my own Game Cafe / Electronic Hobby store.

Wow, long entry. Hi everyone!

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