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'Ello all..

Currently I'm working on 2 projects.

The first is a paid contract by one of my friends. It's basically a minimal mangement system for audio uploads. Coming along really nicely, and it's set to be finished for tomorrow, and I'll get the 100 for it on the 15th, which is great, considering I just spent half of my most recent paychecks on my first student loan payment, and a 2gb iPod Nano. This project is done in PHP w/ MySQL, and it's really easy. I've been working with it for 4 years now, so it was really just cake.

The second is a game for the Nintendo DS. I'm working on the Design Doc now, and I'll post more as it comes up. My main concern was how to work with the user interface best. I decided to use the touch screen as the playing field, and the upper screen for information and a map. Spells or abilities will be mapped to the A/B/X/Y. Given that there will be more than 4 abilities, the L button will pull up a menu to assign the abilities to buttons, and the R button for some other thing I haven't decided yet. Seeing as some people play with opposite hands when using the stylus, I'll be giving the user the option of switching L with R and the A/B/X/Y buttons with the D-Pad. Any comments on this?

Let me know what you think :).
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