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So I finished the paid project. For one hell of a crunch, it was pretty easy to get it done. I spent about 5 hours just sitting and coding, with brief interruptions to eat and check on my girlfriend so she didn't feel left out. Final features included uploading audio entries to a database, downloading the entries, viewing and uploading text entries, searching through entries, and moderating entries.. Not bad. I enjoyed working on it, and enjoyed the final results. It was teh first time I've worked with files and uploading / downloading in PHP. Good stuff :).

I'll find out later in the day whether it was good enough or not for my contractee. Now to start working on my game's design doc (after sleep!).

A bit more about the game.

It's going to be a top down RPG w/ 3D terrain and 2D sprites (think Ragnarok Online). Limited rotation will be involved. The combat will be based on abilities and spells that are enhanced by card modifiers. The touch screen will be used heavily for user input including moving, attacking enemies, chatting w/ friends or selecting pre-defined chat messages.

Look forward to explaining more later :).
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