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Going away for a while

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I'm going away for a while [sad]

Well, not properly - I'll still be dropping by every day or two, just more to check that the DirectX forum isn't collapsing. But I probably won't get much chance to spam the forums as I'm often accused of [grin]

The contract I've got on my flat runs out soon so i've got to move out, but my job doesn't start until September (even then, its in a completely different part of the country!). So for the rest of July/August I'll be living out of boxes in my parents attic...

My parents have a machine connected to the net that I can use, but my personal machine wont be. So I'll be online every now and then when no one else is using it.

I'm actually looking forward to being offline for a bit - its a huge distraction for me [lol]

So, things I'll be doing - and given time I'll probably post about them here:

  1. Finish reading 'Code Complete'. Got about a fifth of the way through and I really want to get it finished. I can't recommend it enough - essential reading for any software developer. Having said that, its got so much good information in it becomes difficult to actually remember it all [headshake]

  2. Finish reading 'Exceptional C++'. I'm about half way through, but once done I want to go back and write out all of the key points (they're highlighted in the text) for reference. I've done that before with Meyer's books and found it to be a useful check-list when I sit down to write larger C++ programs.

  3. Read the Jim Blinn's Corner trilogy. Got an email from Amazon a couple of days ago saying they've been despatched.

  4. Finish the Forum FAQ. I've missed my original deadline by almost a month now so I really should get it sorted. I'm pretty damned close to finishing the content, then its just a case of cross-referencing/linking everything together.

  5. Continue messing around with C#. I spent a couple of days with the basics recently, but I lost motivation when I realised I didn't have anything useful to do. I need to think up a full program that I can work on from scratch - something sufficiently complicated to allow me to get some real experience with the language features.

I think thats all I've got planned. I reckon it's doable in 6-7 weeks [grin]
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Are you going to be in a vegetative state for 6 weeks?!? If so I might just have to pull the plug.

Congratulations on your job, where is it located that you are moving to?

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Don't get poisoned by the digiphobics!
There's no chance of that happening [smile]

Are you going to be in a vegetative state for 6 weeks?!?
Yeah, punctuated by periods of reading books. Please dont pull the plug!

where is it located that you are moving to?
Bracknell - that wikipedia entry makes it sounds quite nice, but I've heard its generally a complete dive.


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