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I've started work on my sprite manager. I figure it should be more efficient thn ID3DXSprite, because I can use a larger vertex buffer, since I'll be doing almost entirely 2D, and also because that way I don't have to keep calling Begin() and End(), and I'll just render the whole lot once a frame.

I also had the Z-buffer disabled before for some reason, and now I can't get the damn thing playing nicely with my sprites. So I'll investigate that on the train tomorrow I think. So far, it seems to be about the same, performance-wise as ID3DXSprite, although I haven't properly tested it. We'll see how it does when I layer my backgrounds. I want to have several backgrounds scrolling parallax-like, because it'll be all oldschool and sexy [smile]

My tilesheet manager is complete, it now has a couple of methods to add and remove sheets from it, and it hands you back a struct containing a pointer to the main texture and an X and Y offset within it. I use an array of 64 64-bit ints to track which sections of the texture are used, so that lets me have up to 64*256 = 16384x16384 textures, which I think is quite enough [smile] I'm thinking of dropping back to 8192x8192 though, which is probably quite large enough, and will let me use 32-bit ints for the mask info.

I also want to get my sound manager able to play oldschool-style chip music so I can do stuff like old Atari and spectrum chip music. That'd also be awesome. Fairly pointless, but awesome anyway. I have no idea what I'm doing, all I know is that I once spat out a sin() wave into a DirectSound buffer and it came out as a nice tone. I need to look into using two similar tones at once (Semitones? I dunno if that's the correct term), and I need to find out what frequencies I should use for what notes. Then I need to do some composing [smile]

Right, I'm off to watch a film and goto bed.
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