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I'm back! (Act excited)

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Hello everybody!

I'm back from my trip, so I'll get back to my daily journal entries. Also, I'll get back to working on Earthman. To be honest, I didn't come up with that many ideas for the game while on the trip, but then again I usually don't anyway[smile]

I did happen to pick up two new PSP games. One is Field Commander (or as I like to call it, Advance Wars for the PSP), and the other is Samurai Warriors: State of War. Both are pretty good, and I'll post my opinions on them tomorrow.

But right now, I'm just going to relax...and play more PSP.
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Welcome Back!

Field Commander looked really cool, like a realistic Advanced Wars...

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Don't be fooled by its appearance, Field Commander almost completely rips the gameplay right from Advance Wars. However, it does make some excellent improvements. But the reason I got it: Online play.

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That's pretty cool. I've always been interested in PSP and DS development, mostly because I have both of them and I like the two systems so much. But, I don't think any of them are as easy as GBA development.

But I imagine "Stompy's Portable Revenge" would be pretty sweet[lol]

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