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Evil Steve


Yes, well, clearing the Z-buffer properly would help. I found that I was clearing the Z-buffer when I begin the scene, then rendering my map. And the map was writing to the Z-buffer (Which it shouldn't). So, I just disable Z-writes when rendering the map. I'll change that in a bit when I get the sprite-based map working.

My sprite manager seems to be working perfectly now, the batching seems good, etc etc. As I said in my last entry, I still need to give it a real test though.
I'll hopefully get the sprite-based map working during my lunch break today, I just need create a bunch of SOSprite objects, then draw them all each frame. I'm not entirely sure what inserting 768 sprites to a std::multiset will do to my performance, but it hopefully won't be *that* bad. If it does become a problem, I can always fall back to my current map method. If the sprite version works, I'll be happy, since then I can have multi-layered (Paralax) maps without much of a performance hit, which will be nice.

This code has finally compiled. Back to work...
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