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The research, The Game and The Spyware

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Yesterday, I spent some time doing research for the updater thingy. This stuff starts to seriously bother me because I have found x different solutions to our problem and I'm almost sure that they won't accept any of them. Finished the research at 12 o'clock and wrote a 4 page doc about what I've found. We're gonna talk about that today, so I see if I was right or not.

The rest of the working day was quite boring. I have my standard set of sites to visit and if you have visited them more than 5 times in the last hour only to see that there hasn't been an update, you wonder if there's anything happening in the world.

Well, I managed to stuff 3 videos into 1:30h. ATI has their GDC2004 presentations as video streams on their website (Ati GDC Videos) and I watched 3 of them. Quite interesting (Shader Models, Optimization and Skin rendering).

I did some work on "The Game" (TM) and sent out a new version to my publisher. Being in bed, I remarked that I missed one conditional check. The effect is that you get the "You've opened a bonus level." even though the level is already open. It's not really a bug and can even be a motivation factor (a fake one) since people would think "Wow, I managed to finish this level; the next one is a bonus level ! Great !". Gonna see if my publisher is going to complain about that :) (NB : Hi to my publisher who's certainly reading this blog).

Before I worked on "The Game" (TM), I had some problems with my IE. Every first time I visited a site, some annoying publicity popup came up. Ad-Aware didn't find anything but 2 cookies but I was sure that there had to be more. So I searched something else to remove those annoying little things which can make your online life a hell. I found "Spyware Nuker" which instantly found more than a hundred (154 to be detailed) files, processes, cookies and reg entries that caused me some pain. It even found a key logger. WTH ! So I paid my ~$37 bucks and removed all the stuff the app found from my machine. Everything works as should and no popup came up afterwards.

The annoying thing about "Spyware Nuker" is that you cannot install it on two machines, even if they are behind the same external IP address. The app counter check against the company database wether yes or no the key you bought has already been used to register an installation. You cannot install it on two machines. It is possible though, to reset the key and re-register in for a new machine. But if you want to check your 2 or 3 machines twice a week, I assume they will soon come back to you... You have to buy a second and a third license if you want to run the app on different machines... oh well...

Here's the link to "Spyware Nuker".
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