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Results type stuff..

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So, the other day I got my results for the year, went about as well as I thought, however I did have one mild disappointment.

OOP : 1st
OO Design : 2:1
Application Building : 2:1 (curses, I was sure I was on for a first for this)
Database Management : 3rd
Compartive Methodlogies : 3rd
Research Mehtods : Currently defered as I stuffed up half an assignment

So, today I went in to see the head of the course, had a talk about how I screwed up, got a plan for what I have todo and I now have a month to resubmit the piece of work I messed up, which means I could convert the defered to a 2:2,huzzah! [grin]

This is fact a good set of results due to this year only being worth 1/4 of my degree. Next semester is also worth 1/4 and the final is worth 1/2, but 1/2 of that is the project.

My project has been approved in theory, building a scripting language for game use. Yeah, I know loads exist but I was a tad low on ideas and its a pretty intresting thing to look into, so pending my propsal for that being shot down in flames I'm considering it a go!

Next year I get todo some AI stuff, this means learning Prolog, so I figured I'd get a jump and brought a book he recommended to me today on it [grin]

So, all in all, despite a great deal of insanity which at one point looked to screw up my degree (for the 2nd time!) I've come out of this year looking pretty good and I think, as long as I do well next year, the maths still favours me getting a 1st at the end of all this [grin][grin][grin][grin]

This means I should really fill out my student support forms at some point soon, heh.. there is always something [smile]
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'grats. I got a 2:1 for my year, but it's not worth anything at all. [smile]

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