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Rob Loach


Sorry for disappearing and not being around as much as I would've liked. Work has called and I have to fill in the responsibilities of about two peoples' shifts, so it has been pretty intense. I'll be on and off and hopefully be able to keep the journal posts coming.

BooGame has made some progress, including a release. It's coming together quite nicely and is starting to develop a small community and contributers (nagromo and Pipo DeClown are huge contributers). Without the steady submission of code, I doubt I could keep BooGame running by myself.

One of the latest developments has been the implementation of an in-game console. Tied together with Boo (no pun intended), the BooGame.Terminal makes the perfect in-game debugger your code. You have access to the whole BooGame library through the console in-game. Of course if you don't want the player to access the terminal, you can simply disable it. In the example on the right, in-game, I change the clear color to Purple and add a new sprite ("pear.png") to the game state.

Next up on the menu is to redesign the Font.Print system to make it easier to work with. Although it works right now, I'd like to implement the use of text alignment. Once that's implemented, it'll be extremely easy to make a pong clone completely in Boo script to be run through BooPlayer.

Once things are settling down, hopefully I'll be able to start on the 4E5 project. I've been talking with one of my friends about the rough game design and she came up with some rather interesting scenarios involving Fabio running around Venice.

Random Interest

Forehead Shavecut
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Sorry for disappearing and not being around as much as I would've liked.
Not good enough. Try harder! [grin]
...rather interesting scenarios involving Fabio running around Venice
This sounds hilarious.

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