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So I have issues.

I have an issue with PLSM2 that goes unanswered on the PLSM forums...
I have an issue with my teamate who is impossible to motivate, he took forever to commit the changes from when I was gone, and he left some important files out so I can't compile.
I have an issue with living in a new house that I'm not used to, unpacking is a bitch, packing was worse.
I have an issue with the fact that I have to draw on paper then bring to the world 30 maps, that will take some months, but well within deadline, I can draw 5 maps a day, it takes around 2 hours to make the terrain exactly perfect ingame for the map.
I have an issue with hoe I am going to connect the maps ingame, I'm thinking I'll just take a page off of one map and throw it on another, kinda hacky but it'll work.

I also bring good news, I have enough motivation for both me and QRebound.

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