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Ok, so I just found a REALLY big problem with my log. My resolution is at 1680x1050, so everything looks fine and dandy, but I de-maximized my window earlier and it changed to about an 800x600 window and I couldn't read a damn thing. So, I decided "Hey, I'll make the section bodies scroll, and everything will be fine." But, for some reason it hates me[sad].

I have several different samples including my own that use overflow successfully, but for some reason this just is not working. Here is a sample of my code:



dftLog [01:09:28] - class="OUTPUTTYPE0">Entering IntroState...

dftLog [01:09:28] - class="OUTPUTTYPE0">Loaded resource - Texture< class="Parameter">Name="">DFGLogo" class="Parameter">FileName="">Graphics\dfglogoB.png" class="Parameter">Width="">512" class="Parameter">Height="">256" class="Parameter">Levels="">0" class="Parameter">Format="">D3DFMT_A8R8G8B8" class="Parameter">Pool="">D3DPOOL_MANAGED" >

dftLog [01:09:28] - class="OUTPUTTYPE0">Released resource - Texture< class="Parameter">Name="">DFGLogo" class="Parameter">FileName="">dfglogoB.png" >

dftLog [01:09:28] - class="OUTPUTTYPE0">Exiting IntroState...

I setup section body like so:

background-color: #2C2C30;
padding: 5px;
width: 100%;
overflow: auto;

This is almost exactly how my website's source class is done and it works perfectly (almost because width is defined as 80%, but I've tried all kinds of values.) Anybody have any clues?

Edit: I guess I should mention whats happening, huh? If I set overflow to auto absolutely nothing happens. If I set it to scroll, the scrollbars show up, but I can't scroll anywhere (and it still wraps.)

I've tried copying and pasting code that works and it still doesn't work.

It seems that it just doesn't like me, because if I copy and paste any other text into the div, it works fine. I've already try striping ALL of the formatting (plus the Texture<>) out of my text and it still doesn't work.

Well, I'm thoroughly confused. I modified the file so that both examples were included (the original log and the highlight page from my website.) I also modified it so that the original log used the source class as well. But, the only text that works seems to be the text off of my website.
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