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I gave the final bit of love to my virtual filesystem code from months ago, and it is now functional! I haven't even bothered to test out the encryption/compression functions, because I think they're borked and I'm too lazy to fix them right now. I just wanted to have a working layer of abstraction so I can do all my file I/O through the VFS and not worry about trying to integrate it later on.

Basically, it lets me do this -

IFile* someFile = openFile( "data\\ilikepie.txt" );
char someStuff[256];
someFile->read( someStuff, 256 );

...etc. for a flat file in the directory \data\, which we can handle like a C-file. Except OOP.

But that's not all! Then, once I'm finished tinkering around with it, I can grab the entire data directory, and build it into an archive file named 'data'. Pop and go - the call to openFile will automagically recognize that data is an archive, and return us a handle to a virtual file (basically, the file loaded into memory), which we work with the same way thanks to the bland IFile interface.

If I ever get around to it, I'll fix the encryption/compression stuff to automagically, well, encrypt/compress the stuff so that your assets can be nicely protected/erm, compressed. And stuff. But that's unnecessary for me now, so har.

But yeah. Its like sex. on WHEELS!

PS: Got my paycheck today. 232.52USD Hooray beer!
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Or... You could use Fudgepacker :P

Yay, zlib and bzip2 (I removed the encryption because I figured it was silly). And it uses memory mapped files for added orgasming.

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I'm really beginning to wish I had implemented a VFS.

Are you paid weekly or bi-weekly? Doesn't matter, you still make 80x as much as I do (~41 + 20 USD every 2 weeks.) Unless I get lucky and get some huge jobs (like 10-20 hour jobs that I can finish in 5), but that doesn't happen very often.

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bi-weekly, but that check was only for the first week of work. I'm scheduled for 40 hours/week, but (from my speculation) it looks like Target is having... payrole issues, so I'll be lucky to hit the 35 hours I worked in each of the first few weeks again...

I guess that means more time to code, less money to spend on DS games. *siigh*

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