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Motherboard arrives!

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Yay, my motherboard finally arrived, so I spend 2 hours hooking it into the case and installing the tons of stuff the mobo has. Right after I get the last network port installed up, *knocka, knocka, knocka*. UGH! system drive keels over and dies a horrible knocking death...

Just what I needed, 6 years of system drive accumulations to rebuild. At least I've been anticipating it's death, so my source and most data on it is backed up elsewhere. I'm sure there's something important I've forgotten, but that's the least of my worries or frustrations right now.

[edit: 5pm, 90 minutes later]
Win2k is installed upon the new hdd, patched, and most of the simple utils I can remember are downloaded and working. Now for the larger apps, backed up data, and re-integrating the other (hopefully) functioning IDE drives to the system.

[edit: 7pm]
Took the dog for a walk, system largely restored. Music copied over to drive, source restored, IDE's (minus boost) re-installed. Few things left, plus a drive swap.

Also, I forgot to note that I have a 2nd interview tomarrow at the crack of dawn. Decent pay, poor commute, and the work itself is one of those that might range from hellish to pretty good depending on the boss and the company workflow... We'll see. At this point income is concern #1 by a light year.

[edit: 10:30]
Everything is up and 'working'. I can doodle in MSVC# while checking mail, listening to music, and watching people troll on #gamedev. I rewrote a good portion of my Logging class, making things neater, trying to focus better on commenting and making the code more 'consumable'. Along the way I realised that the previous stuff was far more boneheaded than I'd previously assumed.

The new design is better, but a little wonky since some of the abstraction was done with a different expectation of use. I'm going to sleep on it, and write up some test code. Likely I'll post some stuff tomarrow after the crack of dawn interview.
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