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Ugh...map editor

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Well, the hand-drawn experiment was fun, but the animation on it was kindof annoying, so:

I suppose I'm going to have to write a...sigh...map editor soon. I was trying to put it off as long as possible, but I'll be needing it. Than again, I still have quite a bit of code that I'm going to toy around with before I need a map editor.

Some stuff I'm going to be getting done:
- Inside the town buildings
- Warp points (For instance, actually going through the door into the buildings)
- NPCs

These things should be pretty fun to do, and will keep me occupied for a little while. Lets see how long I can put off writing a map editor.
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You should consider writing an editor editor before the map editor *gags*

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I'm actually starting to enjoy coding my editor, its just those painful first steps where it looks and functions like crap that are discouraging....

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Designing the thing will sure be interesting.

Considering how the game is programmed, each "Zone"(that's what the maps are called) has it's own exclusive set of Tiles and entities. However, I've already come up with some ideas on how to handle this problem.

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Original post by Rob Loach
Yay programmer art!

The greatest art there is![lol]

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