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Shit it's only July

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Believe it or not I really wish summer would be over. Like, seriously. I'm actually beginning to crave going to class and doing work - in fact, doing anything thats not my job.

I found that learning is difficult outside a classroom setting for me. For example - I really love mathematics, going to an interesting math lecture at school is at the top of my reasons to get up in the morning (that might be a stretch - but I'll go with it). Yet at home, although the interest is still eating away at the back of my mind I can't stay focused enough to read anything or learn on my own. This is something I really have to work on - my goal is to either become a professor or do some mix of heavy math and CS in industry. Both of those require constant learning of new subjects in the field.

Work is actually pretty decent these days, I just finished up a huge slew of test cases for the communications driver on the hardware we're certifying. Prefacing this with the fact that I know I would have trouble doing a lot better - the code is total crap. If you take anything away from reading this, let it be that unit tests are not enough to make sure you're software works. We have the luxury of having all their test code and procedure documents along with the source, given that it is supposed to be "production" quality code. Every test basically pokes one feature of the driver, and doesn't do it in a way that someone would really use the code. So surprise surprise, as I go through and write tests that correspond to real use cases - shit breaks left and right.

Anyway I'm starting to think up stuff to put in my apartment when I get back to school mid-august. After reading ApochPIQ's last post, I think one of those Razer Diamondback mice makes the list - if only so I can map the extra buttons to something useful.

On the subject of productivity - I'm considering trying to find a cheap LCD monitor to use as a secondary screen on my laptop. It was without a doubt a KILLER decision to go for the 17" laptop screen - but if I can double my screen space without losing too much desk real estate then bring it on.

Also I need to decorate (a man's attempt at decorating, mind you) my room. I'm a big fan of posters, though I seem to always fall victim to the phenomenon that my posters start off taught against the wall and sag over time and look retarded. I'm thinking of just ordering ones I want online and getting them laminated or cheapo-framed if they are art prints (somehow the idea of having some Van Gogh prints in my room seems like a great idea).
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