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Who Wants Some?!

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Prinz Eugn


Nothing says "Surrender your huge fucking mountain fortress, commie!" like a nuclear cannon:

I didn't like how Corel was handling the rotation, so you'll have to wait for Sir Sapo to implement it to see it at regular elevation.

I'm also thinking it'll be featured as an off-screen unit for some missions, serving as an extremely cool support unit which you get to guide with launchable beacon-thingies. It would be teh kool if you launched a beacon and a few seconds later were greeted with countdown and a gigantic explosion where there used to be an enemy target(for one of those "Holy Shit!" moments for the player)

Good night!

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Thats pretty awesome! Now all we have to do is figure out how to render a good mushroom cloud, and we'll be set!

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Apoch, by that are you refering to that that, or the the other one?

Anyway, I'm really feeling awesome about this thing

Thanks guys!

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