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Map mockup

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Ok, I did a mockup of part of the system. I've pretty much got everything mapped out now, I just need to figure out pathfinding. Here's the mockup that I did:


That's all I have for today. Hopefully I can get everything in the mockup implemented in the next week or so.

I guess I should explain things, huh? First of all, the text above the character's head probably won't be in there because making it readable (with the black border) requires it to be rendered 5 times. Plus, if a bunch of entities were on screen at once it'd be kind of horrid looking.

The red quads are the hotspots for each entity. Each entity will specify it's own hotbox, so interaction won't be pixel perfect, but it won't be as bad as I present ed in the mockup (for Asrion.)

Buildings will be entites as well.

The scripting is going to be the next hard part (after pathfinding.) I'll need to integrate it fairly well so that I can do things like specify actions (so that the cursor changes and such.)

I'll try to explain the lot of things tomorrow after work.
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