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Would I be missed?

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I've been reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People recently (trying to improve my "soft skills"), and one of the exercises is quite morbid... imagine attending your own funeral in 3 years time. It's to do with trying to get you to start thinking with the end in mind.

One of the things it asks is, what would be said by a member of the community you are involved at your funeral?

Well, I was thinking about it, and I don't really know if anyone would really say much about me from - which is really the only community (outside being a pleasant neighbour etc) I participate in. I try and be helpful, I look out for things on here I can help with and I guess perhaps my rating reflects that a bit. So many times I've got decent and non-flaming help from people around here, I love to give back that kind of assistance. Gives me the warm fuzzies may be!

Right now - again events are conspiring against me - and I've chosen to put my game dev aspirations further down my priority list while I deal with my wife facing yet another redudancy, which has led to us having to pull out very late (just before signing contracts) on buying a house, and meaning we have only until the end of July to find somewhere alternative from where we are living right now to live.

Top it all of, my msi motherboard failed, and I still have not got around to reinstalling Windows on my desktop.

My 9-5 isn't game dev, it's business software dev. The sector I'm in is pretty vertical and quite safe, been here 5 years now.

On Wednesday I took a day off to go to the Develop expo in Brighton. Was alright, if I wasn't down I'd have networked with people with people with the important name badges on like "EA Recruitment Officer" and "Sony Entertainment, Senior Producer". Alas, I thought, well even if I do find myself given an opportunity - things the way they are - debts we've got in to over the last few months - it would be really irresponsible to let go of a decent job to go chase a game dev job - which are inheritently more dodgy.

So in a couple of minutes while something is compiling I'm writing this entry.

I do want to get something in for 4E5 - I hope when I find a new place to live and have a chance to unpack and get things sorted that I will be spending time on an entry. I think, if nothing else, it would be good for my self esteem to get something in. And perhaps if I document my experience as I'm creating it, someone else might be interested and learn from it on here.

You know, if I'm just a Sim in someone's game right now, could you please slip me so Elxir of Life? I think I need a few "days" back of my life please [wink]
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I would say nice things at your funeral.

But not about your motherboard choices. Buy an Asus. I've never seen an MSI that lasted more than two years.

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