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Cleaning lady -- revisited

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A while ago I posted about the weirdass cleaning lady who dusts twice a night and claims that my over-airconditioned office is too hot.

Now she has mysteriously disappeared and an African-American lady comes in instead. I think she ended up doing something stupid and got fired.

I'm still trying to figure out what happened to her.
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She dusted herself off to the point of non-existance. Its a rare occurance, but happens nonetheless from time-to-time.

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Perhaps she was only dusting because the other end of her duster was afixed to her genitals, and she decided that she needed a more satisfying romance than the one sided-subtle eyeing up that she was managing from you. Perhaps she glimpsed you from across a hallway, your eyes meeting in a moment that said "I want you". Perhaps your eyes told each other that you wanted to be with them. Perhaps the heart just wouldn't say no.

Then again, "No Steve. Just No. Go and have a wank".

I'm voting for the latter.

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