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Status Update

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I went through and updated a few more pieces of code with the MS style XML comments, fixed some of the C++ style naming and migrated them into dll projects rather than random source files strewn about. I'm not sure it's good, but the code looks neater and more professional if less readable. It should allow for better intellisense and documentation though, meaning there's less code reading needed.

That's the theory anyways. It's probably just one of those things where I need to acclimate to the pre-declaration [for class/methods] commenting from my currently preferred post-declaration style. It should also help me better modularize things so I do less boneheaded things like edit an older revision of the code, or not backport a fix. I'll look into perhaps posting some more of that code if people show interest.

On the job hunt front, I had a 2nd interview yesterday which went fairly well. The environment seems good, even though the work, commute and pay are likely to be poor. I've also a few things that are better paying and better commutes which are still in the mutual interest stages. Almost all of those are still QA work though. I despise QA work.

In better news, this computer is up, stable and running nicely. After dealing with my wife's resolution for a month, I was able to bump mine to 1600x1200. I've tried in the past, but the jump from 1024x768 to 1600x1200 was too much of a shock to the eyes.

In a less technical note, I'm not going to be able to work on things much for the next few days as family will be in town. After that though (baring employment) I'm going to finish off the code scrub, and take a look at some of my UI stuff. It could use a bit of a design hack to make the widgets more re-usable and interactable with each other. After that comes some MoE re-working. The aim is to have the code re-done, cleaned, and back to what I have now by the end of next weekend. I expect the actual MoE code to shrink by about 40%, while adding more robust logging, less wonky UI, and a design better suited for expansion.

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