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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone,

Small post today, but I've got two screens of questionable quality, and one animated GIF, so read on!

Trajectory Indicator Mark II
Today Mark gave me a bomb impact indicator, so I threw it into the trajectory calculator and now it's a bit more obvious what that damn dotted line coming out of your plane means[grin] Anyways, heres a screen of the new indicator, but fear not, we're not quite done with it yet....

The impact indicator is also animated, and it looks a little something like this.. actually, it does look like this:

As I said in my prior post, I coded up vehicles yesterday, but unfortunately, Mark wasn't able to draw up a new Truck for me, so I had to use the old repair truck from Angels 20, but thats ok, because now we have little trucks that drive along the ground(which was a lot harder than it sounds) and... well thats all they do for now, but soon I'll strap a weapons object on them and then I'll have a cool screeny for you guys[grin] For now however, you'll have to look at this boring convoy of tow trucks... offroading tow trucks, which reminds me, I need to get road objects coded up.....

Well, thats all I've got for you guys tonight. I know its not that exciting, but soon I'll have some Bosses coded up, and that'll be pretty cool. I'll try and release a new video soon, so stay tuned! Peace Out!
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Nice work. I like the bomb indicator idea, it really does help! I am assuming you will have bombs other than the retarted bomb of Angels 20 (however good that may have been)?


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Thanks, and yes, we're planning on having lots more weapons available to the player than in Angels 20, but rest assured, the retarded bombs are coming back.

NOTE: The 'retarded' in retarded bomb is not a clever play off of the term dumb bomb, the term 'retarded' in this context means "slowed down". In military parlance, a retarded munition has either pop-out fins or a small parachute that slows the descent of the munition so a low flying aircraft can escape the blast wave. That seemed to be a misconception when we released Angels 20 last year, and some people were offended by it, so I figure I'd address it here.

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