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As my dad is now getting up and going to work, I realize that yesterday wasn't friday.

So, anyway. I plan to spend all weekend furiously coding so that I can get work on content for my entry. After I get this damned A* crap working I should be about 75% done with the engine, which is nice. So, there won't be any updates soon (unless I get a really cool screenshot or something.)

I decided to try to add textures to my GUI and I have to say that it was incredibly easy. All of my rendering functions already had the texture being passed to it, I just have to use it. I've only done the button so far, but the rest should be just as easy. Here's a screenshot for ya:

teh roundedness!!!

You might notice that the counter's +/- buttons look messed up. This is going to be fixed.

I'm redoing all of the rendering code now, so it should be faster. I'm also going to redo some of the creation code (so the listbox's buttons are on the right and such.) I'm thinking of attempting to implement a scrollbar, but I should probably fix my fader first, since it's practically the same code.

Before I get any further though, I'm thinking I should implement some sort of skin file so that it is more flexible. I still have my code to load CSS-type sheet. Maybe I'll use that.

Anyway, bedtime for me.
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