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Slow day today at work.

Anyone doing PocketPC GAPI/DX development? I should write a lite version of Propane Injector to wrap them -- "Propanol Injector".

Macbook Pro: Fast, fairly hot, awesome. Runs Glow like you wouldn't believe. First universal Mac OS X version here; it has full AI and whatnot. Try it out on your Mac and let me know how it runs.

The Windows XP driver that Apple gave me for the X1600 Mobility video card is kind of crappy; the RAMDAC timings are bad so I have some banding on my display and 'sparkling' pixels when running it. I suspect it is a software problem related to heat, as when I go into OS X there is no difficulty. I'll have to figure out some kind of way to change the timings or cool the chip down.

In any event, I'd buy another one of these in a heartbeat. It's so very fast. And Xcode compiles/links two files at a time, one on each core. I hear on the G5 Quads, it compiles and links four files at once using Xgrid. *drool*

Glow is going great; I got visible weapons on the enemies last night. It works well, except for the giant. His guns are offcentre due to some hardcoded maths. I'm looking forward to doing a new game; the relentless enthusiasm of 2ddev is making me want to make it in 2D. I think I'll hold off on the big 3D shooter for awhile, and do a smaller game first, as planned previously. [grin]
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Glow runs great on my PowerBook. I assume you're using some OGL bilinear filtering. It's so goddamn smooth and slick. Runs at a steady 45 fps. I need to get a mouse though - playing with the trackpad really kills it. How well does it do on your MBP?

I want Apple to put out a Merom MacBook (not pro) with a discrete graphics chip. THEN I'll regret getting the PowerBook. I know they'll do it too.

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My old 12" Powerbook ran it at 45FPS, which is why I upgraded. The Macbook Pro runs it at 270FPS under emulation, or 289FPS native: it blew my fucking socks off.

I'm not doing much filtering other than averaging out the deltas; Glow is so GPU bound the game should run at about full speed anywhere. Turn off the shader and it should ricket up to VSYNC pretty quick on the 12".

Anyway, it turns out the reason it's glitchy in Windows is that Windows can't actually control the fans so the GPU starts to overheat. The fans are so silent that when I reboot into OS X, they kick in at full tilt and I don't even notice them. Jeepers.

I suspect I'll have to find some sort of fan control tool for Windows if I want to try and play videogames in there; either that or set my card to underclock itself.

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I should also mention that is on the base RAM config. I haven't even installed my extra gig of memory yet.

I'm afraid that when I go to 1.5GB the machine will dissipate into thin air in a computational singularity.

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