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Evil Steve


Sit on my face, and tell me that you love me.....

Et c etc.

I fear that I may have had slightly loo much sherryJack./

Part 1: Partf opne
Part 2: PLrat2

Audio maintainence: Audio maINTAInanc3e.
Drums: "Ka-boom-boom-chi!

"I once had a laser exposed at me an it nearly blew my arm off..."

Greetings from Amazon.co.uk,

We thought you would like to know that the following items have been sent
312 Pervert Drive
using Royal Mail.

To track this shipment, please use its tracking number: and consult our
help page at the following link:


For more information about delivery estimates and any open orders, please

Your order #026-1600006-9757240 (received 03-July-2006)
Ordered Title Price Dispatched Subtotal
1 Praise The Fallen [Import] GBP12.99 1 GBP12.99
1 Empires [Import] GBP12.99 1 GBP12.99
1 This Is Neo-Goth GBP12.99 1 GBP12.99
1 Matter and Form GBP12.99 1 GBP12.99

Subtotal: GBP44.24
Delivery Charge: GBP0.00
Total tax: GBP7.72
Total: GBP51.96

This completes your order.
I may have slightly modified the e-male to reduce the likleyhood of rape. That happens more often than you'd expect. Ok, it doesn't. But I like to pretend.

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