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So I've spent most of today working on these headlights. I had to write a new shader for this effect, basically [reflections + luminance texture + diffuse texture + skinning] all into one shader for the night time vehicles. It's actually pretty fast compared to the shaders I run during the day, which use the 4x4 percentage close filtering on the shadow maps.

I'm happy with the way the headlight effect turned out. I disabled streetlights in these screenshots; also the previous inaccuracies still stand, regarding the buildings luminance maps, etc. So the building windows still look funky. I've got to go through and fix that up, as well as the other few bugs in these screenshots.

For these screens, I made all vehicles into Police cars because I was using the police car texture to refine my ability to generate luminance maps/textures for the vehicles. I pretty much got it down now, so time to get this implemented for all 30 vehicles.

Keep in mind, the transitions from day>night->morning are COMPLETELY dynamic.

//Headlights are implemented now, for the vehicles.

//You can see headlight-lighting influencing entities is approximated.


//The lighting is properly cast onto walls, etc. I use projective texturing to make it possible to have 100s of lights in each scene. As well as 'luminance maps' for light sources.

//Close up

//There are 100s of vehicles in the city, so I had to make the algorithm scale well.

//Driving on the grass

//From behind the vehicle, while driving

I've got a million things to work on, so I'm going to get back to it.

- Dan
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Incredible, night time action is going to be awesome! Do you have a screenshot of an explosion during the night?

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Thanks guys! I'm happy with the way the headlights turned out. I've since fixed a few errors in these screenshots. Also I didn't even notice the vehicle wheels are completly black! I guess it's the contrast on my monitor...but that's a bug.

Anyways I'll have new pics later today hopefully...I you notice the windows are too bright in these screens, I fixed that and made the interior of the shops illuminated...makes everything look SO much better.

Gaheris...once I extend the streetlight algorithm to be more generic, I'll be able to do lighting on explosions/gunshots/police sirins, etc. Hopefully the day after tommorow will see that completed...then I'm 'done' with the graphics!

I appreciate the feedback.

- Dan

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