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Just a quick update so you guys can try the new demo. Please tell me if you have any issues!

Once I get a chance I'm going to implement constructors for each class that allow you to change this:

Dialog* pDlg = new Dialog;
pDlg->Set(0, "Dialog!", x, y, width, height, id);

Button* pBtn = new Button;
pBtn->Set(pDlg, "Close", x, y, width, height, id, overlay);

To this:

Dialog* pDlg = m_WidgetMgr.AddChild(new Dialog(0, "Dialog!", x, y, width, height, id));
pDlg->AddChild(new Button(pDlg, "Close", x, y, width, height, id, overlay));

Also, within a few months I'm going to be putting the entire library onto my website so that you guys can check it out. Before that though I'm going to write an article about it to document some of the choices I made (bad and good.)

Off to breakfast and then some hardcore work on Malathedra. YAY!!!
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GUI seems to work great.

Though, visually, I'm having some problems overhere on my machine.

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Well, I didn't see that coming. Evidentally I have a rounding error somewhere since it looks like everything is off by a pixel or 2 (on dave's it looks like it's over to the left and down, on my mom's it looks like it's just down, etc.) I'll have to look into this later when I get a chance.

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Ok, I think I fixed it (atleast it works on my computers and il_dave's computer now.) So, I uploaded a new demo. Check it out; all the cool kids are.

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