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Commie Raper!

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Prinz Eugn


Here's that Commie Raper I promised for ya

It's gonna be an air-to-ground missile, this time one that you can fire-and-forget, probably with another version that you can guide yourself like the olden times.

It's probably going to be the most powerful conventional weapon in the game, so you're only going to get a few per loadout, plus they're expensive, which relates to the part of the Economics element, which I'll maybe explain next entry if I remember.

In other news, I got some cool pictures from my brother, who is a B-52 Electronics Warfare Officer. They did a flyby of an airshow, but I'm not sure where. Here they be:

Him sitting in the copilot's seat for some reason, you know, being the shit

A shot out the window showing the ground show- you can see another B-52 down there.

So that's done, and I'll do napalm tomorrow, Sapo seems to be in need of that, and trucks too, I guess.

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Thats a huge throttle quadrant, but I guess with 8 engines it would have to be!

Yes, I would prefer Napalm soon, I'd like to get that working, I also require the new CVX... I'd like to get that working, and I don't want to use the old version and have to replace it once we have the new one.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


So he likes our huge throttle quadrant does he? The pics of the air show were over the air show at minot. We also flew over one in Duluth, MN. Didn't really have a good photo op on that one. Your stuff looks pretty awsome. You need to tell me more about this AGM-2000. What kind of guidance? Active, semi active, command guided, IR? or you just give it the coordinates to hit? You been using chaff and flares? Does it have good counter counter messures? I'm thinking that you need to start up a gaming company that makes millions and then hook me up with a job. I can be military expert. Well glad we got that cleared up. Ill try to look back at this and see what you are up to. well i took some go pills today and now popped a no-go pill thats making me a little woozy. so if this didnt make sence thats why.
Lata lil bro

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Amazing pictures man. That looks incredibly awsome.

Tell your brother, the next time you catch up with him, thanks for his service.


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Great stuff! I'm looking forwards to the napalm, promise me it will be awesome?

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That picture is of the Minot Air Force Base in Minot, ND. It looks a little different from the air but I've been to a few of their annual airshows so it looked eerily familiar :)

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Yah, that AP was good ol' Prez, mi hermano. I'll have to email him the Commie Raper Specs now...

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