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I just recently moved to the Middleton, WI. My wife got a job here so I quit my old job. Good thing I hated my old job. I've been without a job for 1 month and 16 days and done abloslutly nothing with my time. I think I have figured out my problem though. I have been playing alot of World of Warcraft.

see below.

I canceled my acount today, but there is still one month of active time on it. Hopefully I can resist the temptation and actually get some work done for once.

As for what i'm working on. I think I'm going to start simple with maybe a pong clone or a breakout clone just to get the dust off my programming skills. As for the purpose of this post. Well mostly just to do something to try and modivate myself to get off my lazy ass and do something. I should post more tomarow, about what exactally i'm going to be doing. But first Sleep its 3am.

Wish me luck.

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You've got to love MMO's. They are the best at sucking away time like it is candy. I fired up a WOW account this month and I've been really damn good at just playing when I absolutely have time to play. Though, i'm probably going to cancel it after this month. Very fun game, but, I just can't devote the time. Oh yeah, and the cash. ;)

Stay sane,

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