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Well, my Saturday became screwed by my Statistics course. Not that I don't like statistics, but doing an analysis and writing the paper took forever. At least that beast is behind me.

I didn't get a chance to do any coding today. Though something I did add since my last journal entry was a much smoother transition between my screens. Now, instead of the choppy transition, you'll get a nice cross fade between the different screens. Fast, efficient, and looks damn cool.

Design wise, I worked on a few other windows. Credits and the Scoring window.

So I won't bore you with just text, here is a picture to gander at.

The scoring window. Scoring will work a couple of ways in this version of Breakout. As you may have noticed in my last entry, there is a 'Blocks Destroyed' section on the main game window. That, alone, keeps track of your current game. In the high scores window, the same thing will be there, except this will keep track of your all time progress of destroying blocks. Behind the scenes, I will keep track of the total amount of blocks, and I will have a reward system in place. ;)

On the flip side, the other way the scoring works will be when I put in the challenge mode. Here, you will need to destroy as many blocks as you can, before the time limit is reached. The blocks will be scored differently to give you an interesting way to master sending the ball around the screen. In addition, there will be some oddball things that happen during your play. For example, that tile that used to take 1 hit, might just need 2 more hits.

Normal and Challenge mode will effect your overall blocks destroyed score. Though, if you play challenge mode, you will earn rewards faster than just playing the casual normal mode. If you play hard, your rewarded harder.

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