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As some of you might have noticed. I'm not really into completing projects. I've spent my last 3 weeks playing WoW and doing some minor "test" applications, such as an isometric pyramid thingy with lights, which I didn't get to work. Anyways, I have to blame my non-existant sense of planning for that.

So I was playing WoW the other day, and some guy said to another guy that he should rather focus on doing the quest than the levels itself. And that gave me a great idea! What if I focus on planning and programming a game, rather than think about that Engine-programmer job I will hopefully have in a few years? Maybe that will help me finish my projects, just as it will help me get to level 40 and get a mount?

If you guys can give me some links to articles about project planning and code design, I'll be happy as hell!

My avatar is ugly

I had Photoshop, but now it doesn't work, and the CD is corrupt. If anyone can make me a avatar that represents me, then thank you very much. [smile]

I'm moving

Yes, I'm moving from just outside Oslo to Oslo now. The reason is that I spent(and spend) about 1 hour on the bus to get to school(I drive by FunCom BTW)
and that is too much relative to norwegian standards. So I'm moving to a smaller house overlooking Oslo. I won't be here when we move(going down in Europe with my bro) so I have to go packing now.


EDIT: Why is my journal so wide?
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Yeah, don't focus directly on the future - focus on whats going on right now. Worry about today and how you can improve yourself somehow.

I'll leave you with a motivating quote.

"Everyone is trying to accomplish something big not realizing that life is made up of little things" - Frank A. Clark.


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