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Clean up time.

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Mike Bossy


Now that I've got my random crashing bug solved I need to go back and clean things up with all the changes I made in trying to fix it. I was in a bit of a haze in the hours I was adding mutexes and such so I need to add some comments and make sure things are readable.

I also made another perf gain in my renderer which ended up being bigger than I thought. My old loop used to be:


I just made the Clear call optional based on the scene as most of my scenes have a screen sized background that gets drawn first negating any reason for the clear. I was planning on doing this all along but didn't think it would save me that much time. To my surprise depending on the scene I'm seeing another 50% improvement in FPS. In my in game scene I'm now up to 1000 fps on my laptop which is way beyond anything I dreamed of hitting. I am finally feeling confident that my engine can compete on perf with other casual 2D engines like the popcap one and torque 2D. Now I just need to add enough features to match those too :).
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From regular reading it seems like you have made a lot of progress over the last few months. I'm sure it has made you a lot more confident about your quest to escape the suit :-)


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I was about to say "don't forget to clear the depth buffer too!" but then I saw you were doing 2D stuff.

lolol hax.

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What are the specs for your laptop? Specifically, which vid card do you have in it? 1000 FPS is pretty darn good, even for a 2D casual game - so I am interested in comparing hardware.

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Nothing too fancy but good enough to dev on:

Pentium M running @ 1.8ghz,
512 MB of Ram,
ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Pro Turbo (128MB VRam)

I got it off of Dell's refurb site a while ago. Best place to find cheap, quality laptops.

In game scene consists of about 50-60 double sided, multi-textured quads for the cards, another 20 or so single sided and textured quads for the controls, etc. and one giant textured quad that draws the background art.

It is running in an 800x600 window. Not sure what frame rate I'd get at higher.

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