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All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

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Thanks to ApochPiQ, I have pretty much sorted out my TreeView drawing problems. All I have to do now is go back and add some sorting to push the folder to the top of the tree, and line everything up alphabetically.

The main reason I haven't gotten this done yet is because of the shiney new black NintendoDS I got two weeks ago. MarioKart DS and New Super Mario Brothers have been pretty much keeping me away from my PC for the last while.

And I won't be at it for the next few either. Tomorrow morning at 11.10 a.m. I will be taking off for Comic-Con 2006, followed by a week of general tourist stuff around the San Diego area.

After that I hope to be back fighting fit at it again.
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!!! Dang. I really would like to go back to California. School needs to end or I need to find an internship! Have a blast!


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[smile] Well, the one thing I'm looking forward to is the flight. I've never flown before, hell I've never been abroad before. And now my first flight is going to take me half way around the world.

Don't like doing things by halves, me [wink]

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Apparently Capcom are using Comic Con this year as a launching ground for their winter line-up. It's meant to be something special, lots of freebies and a few competitions for collectible game memorabilia. If you get chance it might be worth taking a look :-) Pictures would be cool too ;-)

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