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Evil Steve


Working Sundays sucks. It wouldn't be so bad if Scotrail didn't totally fuck up the train times. During the week, it takes me 1h 15 mins to get from my house to Glasgow. 50 mins on the train, and 25 mins to get to the station by bus. Today it took me 3 hours. I got on the bus at 10am, and didn't get to Glasgow till 1pm.

I got to the station and confused the woman at the ticket sales bit. I buy my tickets fortnightly, and I figured I'd get my next batch today (since otherwise I'd need to do that tomorrow anyway), and I'd get an off-peak ticket for today. The woman had a great deal of difficulty in grasping this simple idea. It went something like this:
"Hi, can I get 10 on-peak flexi-pass day return thingies to Glasgow and a single cheap day return for today please?"
"Oh you don't need on-peak tickets, it's Sunday"
"Yeah, that's what the cheap day return is for. I need the 10 day returns for travel during the week"
"Oh I see. So you mean you want 11 day returns"

Anyway, I finally got the correct tickets, then discovered I had a 75-shitting-minute wait till the next train to Glasgow. They're doing "Essential maintainance work" to the line at Haymarket (West Edinburgh), so the train had to exit Eastwards, and go alllll the way around Edinburgh to the West side, before going to Glasgow.
So, a 75 minute wait, then a 75 minute journey. Excelent. And of course after the wait, the train was packed. So packed that the refreshments trolley thing couldn't get through so they said if you want anything to eat/drink you had tyo climb through people to get to the back of the train to get it. Not that that bothered me, I don't have a house to re-mortgage to pay the extortionate prices.

In other news, my smart pointer class is fubar. Linky. I'm going to go and cry now.
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I'm convinced scotrail exists solely to screw rail travellers over. Delays, long journey times and (to me at least) ridiculous fare prices.

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Scotrail are a bunch of thieving arseholes. How can it cost £7 to go to Glasgow, but something up to £80 for London? Seems a bit disproportionate, even when you consider the distances.

And you're stuck waiting 25 years in between buses on a Sunday as well.

Meh, I hate Sundays. I'm going to try what Tony Hancock said, take sleeping pills on Saturday night and wake up on Monday morning.

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Yeah, the prices are a bit retarded to say the least. Even £8 to get to Glasgow on-peak is quite a lot, considering the bus is half that (but takes longer). I remember looking at the prices to London and I was convinved I was trying to book an entire carrige or something. One price I came up with was over £100 for a standard seat (Although it was a sleeper). I hate to think what business class is like...

Anyway, if I need to go into work at the weekend again, I'm taking the shitting bus. Or walking.

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