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More elephanty nonsense

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I haven't been able to get the energy or the time to actually program anything on my games, but I did get a chance to do a cleaned up version of my elephant drawing from before. The before and afters:

Turned out rather well I think, I'm starting to get the hang of this tablet for drawing now and I'm getting a better feel for which tools in Art Rage are good for which bits. If you havn't given Art Rage a try you really should, it's a 'natural media' painting program which ends up being really simple and really powerful at the same time. It's also dirt cheap. [grin]

I'll have to move onto different poses next, at some point I've got to try and animate him. I still haven't decided whether I'll be keeping the thick black outline, or changing it for something else. It might be nice to do a version without any outline just to make the shape stand out more. But then how would I show the inner edge where the ear overlaps the body? This needs more thought I think.
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