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Gaming, and such

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Persuant to my goal of not working this weekend, I decided to fire up my recently-upgraded gaming rig and install the copy of Tomb Raider: Legend that came bundled with the GT7900.

It didn't quite work as planned. In fact, I think some of the lingering effects of yesterday oozed through the space-time continuey-thingy and screwed up today, too.

There really isn't an interesting story here; suffice it to say I spent several hours trying to figure out why the game crashed as soon as the main menu loaded, and finally tracked it down to DEP after reading probably a hundred tech support threads. It was a tedious and thoroughly unpleasant process.

Of course, DEP wouldn't have been doing nuts if the game wasn't loaded with a crap copy protection system... but them's the times we live in.

Once I got the game running, I found it quite enjoyable; the controls are very easy to use, although some of the directions get confusing when the camera gets all twisted at weird angles. I suppose it's primarily my lack of third-person game experience (since the first Tomb Raider, in fact), and I've already gotten accustomed to a lot of the quirks.

So far it's a great-looking game, and the story is at least interesting enough to move the action forwards. I'm only about 1.5 levels in, since all the troubleshooting crap gave me a raging headache and I didn't feel like playing for long.

In the middle of the troubleshooting mess, I dug out my install of Enemy Territory and played a few maps on some random server. I haven't played ET in years, and the last time I tried to play I couldn't find a single server - they were all crap mods full of ignorant kids who didn't understand the game and had no strategy. I've been out of the scene for far too long to get into clan play, since all the clans that still play are pretty hardcore. So I figured ET was dead.

Apparently, though, something interesting happened in the past 18 months (or whatever it's been). Nowadays, most servers are sparse, and given the fact that the first server I tried ended up being quite pleasant, I suppose that means that the only players out there are the people who are really interested in playing the game legitimately. So I'll probably play quite a bit of that again now.

Anyways... headache, and bleh, and such. I think I'll take tomorrow off, too, so I'll get a proper two consecutive days of not-working.
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