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My work on the tile engine so far:

A static screenshot just doesn't do it justice. In reality, the background is layered and uses parallax scrolling, creating a semi-3D effect. Since I don't think there will be a demo anytime soon, I'll probably create a video once I get Blocky Man running around.

I decided to not use the already created Stompy engine, instead making a new platformer engine from scratch. The features of it include:

- Layered backgrounds
- Parallax scrolling
- Horizontal and Vertical scrolling
- Variable sized levels
- Animated tiles

I'm planning to use this platformer engine to create the sequal to Stompy later on.

"The Adventures of Blocky Man" will be a Jump-and-Run platformer. I'm going to try and avoid the standard "Ice and Fire" level design. For instance, in the first level you'll be fighting evil Blocky vikings, while in a later level you'll be fighting aliens in outer space.
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I need to get a video of this, because the parallax scrolling looks really cool.

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Original post by Rob Loach
RIP Earthman...

No 4E5 for you still?

Well, I'm hoping to pick Earthman back up once I'm in the mood to work on it.

But no, I won't be entering 4E5. I think the elements are good, but I just don't feel like making a game based on them.

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